Ultrasonic sensors DMU418B, VRTU430

Тhere are only unsuitable sensors, rather than difficult environmental conditions

Ultrasonic sensors - the allrounders amongst the sensors - always come into use when optical systems reach their limits. Hence, partially and fully transparent or extremely dark objects can be detected just as easily as objects with reflecting surfaces or objects in dusty, vaporous or humid environments.

Other advantages at a glance

  • Excellent background suppression due to propagation time measurement;
  • Distance measuring sensors with temperature compensation;
  • Systems with teach-in function on the device and/or by cable


  • Packaging technology - level measurement and level monitoring of liquids or bulk materials;
  • Graphics industry - Stack height measurement, Determination of roller diameter

DMU418B, VRTU430

Special features:

A current or voltage output configurable via PC software

To avoid mutual interference, max 10 sensors may be synchronized via one cable

  • Hight sensitivity
  • Low response time - 80ms
  • Measuring range -50 mm - 6000 mm
  • Temperature compensation





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