Series 53/55

Stainless steel sensor platform for the beverage, packaging and pharmaceutical industries

The new Leuze stainless steel Series 53 and 55 sensors were specially designed for applications with increased hygiene requirements and where machines are subjected to intense cleaning and disinfection cycles. To meet these demanding conditions, the sensor housings are made of an especially high-quality V4A stainless steel (AISI 316L). Moreover, the construction process included special emphasis on ensuring that the glass-free optics cover as well as the operating elements are absolutely leak-proof and
gap-free. This ensures the reliable function and leak-proofness of the systems, even after years of use, and prevents bacterial carry-overs.

Absolute reliability in wet applications

Our Series 55 stainless steel sensors show their  strength particularly in the wet areas of your production line. With the innovative WASH-DOWN Design of our sensors, it is possible to thoroughly clean the entire system with all common cleaning agents and processes. The non-diffusive and chemically resistant materials used in the optics and operational controls, as well as the absolutely gap-free construction of the sensors, prevents bacterial carry-overs. Moreover, the enclosed housing technology and expanded temperature range ensure long-lasting functionality of the systems.

Without compromise in hygienic applications

The Series 53 line of sensors was specially designed for sensitive hygiene applications, e.g. in the pharmaceuti- cal, cosmetic and foods industries. Based on the funda- mental elements of the Series 55 sensors, this special development in housing design provides an even higher level of protection against bacterial carry-overs. The smooth housing contours without attachment holes greatly reduce all types of deposits. The unique faste- ning concept, which consists of a mounting trunnion with 12 mm diameter and G6 fit, ensures a gas-tight connection between sensor and machine.

Available device technologies for Series 53 and 55:

  • Throughbeam  photoelectric  sensors;
  • Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for materials handling;
  • Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for exact positioning;
  • Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for glass and PET detection;
  • Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for foil detection;
  • Laser retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for the detection of small parts;
  • Scanners with background suppression and high scanning range;
  • Scanners with small light spot for the detection of glossy and structured objects;
  • Scanners with elongated light spot for the detection of transparent objects as well as objects with openings, holes and press cuts.

The right solutions for the following industries and applications:

  • Food processing (meat, baked goods, chocolate, …);
  • Food filling (beer, soft drinks, liquids, milk, fruit juice, …);
  • Pharmaceutical (fluid, powder, liquid, …);
  • Cosmetic (fluid, powder, liquid, …);
  • Luxury articles (tobacco, …);
  • Handling / assembly in the pharmaceutical industry.
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