Series 46


The RK 46C.DXL VarOS variable object sensor also reliably detects objects with cutouts and holes or with an irregular shape

The special lens allows objects to be detected reliably across the entire width of the light-band at two easy-to-set sensitivities of 7 mm and 14 mm. This ensures that this industrial retro-reflective photoelectric sensor can reliably detect any objects (even objects with cutouts or holes) in the light-band, e.g. for height / protrusion / area and pallet detection in material handling systems, warehouses, etc.

  • Active  ambient light suppression A2LS enables the simultaneous use of one reflector for two sensors, thereby reducing mounting and material requirements;
  • Holes and mounting devices compatible with standard series 46 sensors on mounting brackets or rods;
  • Use of standard reflectors: 40 × 60 mm or 100 × 100 mm;
  • Perfect all-round LED visibility providing indication of status;
  • Visible bright vision light-band for easy alignment;
  • Only one sensor for 45 to 60 mm detection The new wide light-band replaces multiple individual sensors or light barriers;
  • Sensitivity readjustment ALC using a tracking function for greater availability ensures a constant performance reserve in the case of soiling;
  • Versatile use through 2 preselectable sensitivity levels and easytune fine tuning;
  • Simple  adaptation of the sensitivity / resolution through 2-level teachme function by pressing a button on the rear of the housing.

Always the right choice if flexible detection is required

The new RK 46C.DXL VarOS reliably detects for example:

  • Different object heights and different pallet shapes and sizes;
  • Curved or angled object edges;
  • Protruding or projecting elements on the object;
  • Damaged pallets and other objects (e.g. if a board is missing);
  • Objects with cutouts or holes (standard sensor delivers multiple signals).

Simple area detection is used e.g. for:

  • Machine, sheet metal or plastic parts;
  • Pallet detection;
  • Boards for furniture, work surfaces and laminate flooring;
  • Shrink-wrapped objects with variable exterior shapes.
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