Series 3

Sensor solutions for nearly any application – Series 3B

Compact, versatile, user-friendly, robust

Series 3B from Leuze electronic offers a range of unique features and the largest variety of functions in this performance class of all competitors on the market.
In addition to large operating ranges and improved performance reserves for reliable object detection, even in dusty environments or with high align- ment tolerances, technologies such as Active Ambient Light Suppression (A²LS) or “brightVision®” for easy handling and fast commissioning or device models with homogenous pin-point light spot are characteristic of Series 3B.
The diverse range of models make these sensors ideal for a wide variety of applications, for example in mounting and handling technologies, in the conveyance of extremely small containers as well as in printing and pack- aging  technologies.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • User friendly - 360° visibility of the indicator diodes, Simple, one-point teaching, Robust teach button, can be operated manually or using a tool, Teach devices also with line teaching, Protection against manipulation by means of a lockable button;
  • Reliable - Maximum  performance reserve, High extraneous light protection through A2LS, Energy savings through lower power consumption, Protection classes IP 67;
  • Versatile - Retro-reflective  photoelectric sensor and light scanner for all standard  applications, Light scanner with special light-spot profiles (rectangular, small) and background suppression, Light scanner with V-optics and background suppression, Sensors with autocollimation principle, Retro-reflective  photoelectric sensors and light scanners with laser light and collimated light beam propagation, Energetic light scanner also with fading (background suppression), Throughbeam  photoelectric sensors with small light beam propagation and a high range;
  • Robust - Integrated attachment sleeve made of metal to protect against housing breakage, M8 metal plug, Reinforced in the connection area;
  • Flexible - Push-pull outputs for NPN or PNP controls, All common connections (M8 connector, 2000 mm cable, Cable with M8 or M12 connector), Slot for flexible mounting.

Throughbeam photoelectric sensors - LSR 3B - For reliable object detection independent of the environmental conditions

  • High performance reserve;
  • Transmitter with small, homogeneous light spot by means of pin-point LED;
  • Transmitter optionally with activation input;
  • Receiver optionally with warning output;
  • Warning output for increased availability.

Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors - PRK 3B - For use in standard applications with high ranges

  • Reliable detection of objects with a diameter ≥ 0.1 mm;
  • Object detection through slits, holes and gaps with extremely small dimensions;
  • Especially designed for the detection of fast events and small parts;
  • High performance reserve;
  • Short range with foil reflectors;
  • Easy adjustment via lockable teach button or teach input.

Diffuse reflection scanners energetic - PTR 3B - For demanding object detection

  • Energetic diffuse reflection light scanner with scanning range adjustment;
  • High switching frequency for detection of fast events;
  • Fading – no object detection in background;
  • Potentiometer for scanning range adjustment;
  • High switching frequency for detection of fast events.

Diffuse reflection light scanner with background suppression - HRTR 3B - Short response time for fast processes and highly precise detection of small parts

  • With V-optics: Especially designed for the detection of flat, reflective or highly glossy surfaces;
  • Also for transparent objects;
  • Especially designed for the detection of objects with openings, holes and grooves, e.g. circuit boards;
  • Also for transparent foil and bottles;
  • HRTR 3B-L: Especially designed for the use of fluorescent lights with HF-ballast;
  • Especially designed for the detection of fast events and small parts;
  • For applications with high demands on positioning and reproducibility;
  • Standard design in laser class 1;
  • Extendable scanning area with very good bw/wb behavior in laser class 2;
  • All devices optionally with IO-Link interface.



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