Series 25

Compact, reliable, cost-effective

Series 25B offers a high level of flexibility. All operating principles – from the throughbeam photoelectric sensor to the scanner with background suppression – are optimised for the different applications. Protection classes IP 67 and IP 66 as well as active ambient light suppression enable use in a wide range of industrial sectors. A number of different options, such as activation input or warning output, facilitate a high level of process reliability and, thus, system availability.

Advantages and benefits at a glance:

  • With brightVision®: Fast and easy alignment through the use of a very bright light spot; bright, 360° visible indicator diodes facilitate full control;
  • With an additional status display on the front side of the sensor (scanner with background suppression);
  • Insensitive against soiling due to very high performance reserve;
  • Robust, compact housing;
  • Low ambient light sensitivity through A²LS;
  • High resistance to environmental influences: IP 67, IP 66;
  • Large operating temperature range: -40°C – +60°C;
  • Increased availability through warning output and activation input.



Throughbeam photoelectric sensors - LSR25B - Small sensor–large operating range

  • Light source: red-light LED;
  • Scanning range limit: 0 – 24 m Switching  frequency: 500 Hz;
  • Response time: < 1 ms;
  • Standard sensor with very high performance reserve. Suitable for use in rough, industrial environment;
  • Varius options for increasing the process reliability (warning, activation, testing);
  • Time-saving alignment through optimised light beam propagation (opening angle);
  • Contactless protective device, category 2, in combination with safety-relevant control system (testing acc. to EN 61496-1).

Polarised Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors - PRK25B - Maximum reliability during the detection of foil-packed objects, laminated surfaces

  • Light source: red-light LED;
  • Operating range limit: 0.05 – 10 m;
  • Switching  frequency: 500 Hz;
  • Response time: < 1 ms;
  • Standard retro-reflective photoelectric sensors offer high system availability under extreme environmental conditions;
  • Additional functions, e.g. warning, activation, for increasing the process reliability;
  • Optimised for use in the areas of material flow/intralogistics, packaging  technology;
  • Various options for adaptation to the respective applications.

Diffuse reflection light scanner with background suppression - HRT25B - Reliable detection of objects with glossy and structured surfaces

  • Light source: red-light;
  • LED Scanning range limit: 0 – 600 mm;
  • Adjustment  range: 50 – 600 mm;
  • Switching  frequency: 250 Hz;
  • Response time: < 2 ms;
  • Focused light spot for the reliable detection of objects with glossy and inconsistently structured surfaces;
  • High switching frequency and short response time for detection of fast events;
  • Large light spot for exact, reliable edge detection – posi- tioning on glossy, broken (perforated) metallic surfaces (e. g. slide bolts);
  • Optimized light spot for detecting containers which are not completely closed (perforated boxes).

Diffuse reflection light scanner with fading - RTFR25B - Economical scanner for standard applications

  • Light source: red-light LED;
  • Scanning range limit: 5 – 650 mm;
  • Switching  frequency: 500 Hz;
  • Response time: < 1 ms;
  • Fading – no object detection in background;
  • Short response behaviour for detecting fast events;
  • Electrical scanning range adjustment via potentiometer.


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