Series 18

New PRK18B photosensor - eagle eye for transparent objects


  • Extremely resistant housing coating: The chemically nickel-plated housing enables use even in demanding environments with extremely short cleaning intervals and aggres- sive cleaning agents;
  • Glass lens without front screen: The elimination of an additional screen prevents reflections and reduces drop formation;
  • Integrated, high-strength plug: The plug is a permanent part of the metal housing. As a result, it can no longer break off;
  • Paperless laser labeling: All relevant device data are permanently marked on the housing by means of a laser and are thereby protected;
  • Temperature-compensated   electronics: The device electronics compensate for temperature fluctuations of ± 20 °C and thereby ensure 100% detection reliability;
  • Contamination compensation: A sophisticated tracking function considerably reduces work during cleaning and readjustment;
  • Calibrated optics system: The precise beam alignment (max. ±0.25° spread) eliminates complicated alignment of the sensor after mounting;
  • Integrated fastening concept:: All mounting holes integrated in the housing are equipped with M4 internal threads. This eliminates the need for additional mounting parts;
  • Multi-turn potentiometer with user guidance: Perfect adjustment for all types of bottles. The user guidance guarantees a 100% reproducible adjustment at all times;
  • Perfect LED visibility: The LEDs for displaying the sensor state are highly visible and ensure quick adjustment and reliable process observation;
  • IO-Link: Online measurement values, configuration and diagnostics ensure transparent process monitoring.


The new sensor, with its auto-collimated lens, is up to eight times more precise than standard optics. With a maximum deviation of ± 0.25°, the light beam has a deviation of just ± 2.2 mm over a distance of 500 mm. This makes alignment of the sensor after mounting and, thus, expensive and complicated mounting parts practically unnecessary.

This accuracy thereby also makes possible reliable detection of the smallest parts in a process.

Compared to two-lens systems, auto-collimated sensors have just one optical channel and, as a result, have no angle errors and no restrictions with respect to fitting position.
This makes them ideal for bottle detection at short ranges.

The design without front screen before the actual lens also prevents interfering reflections and reduces possible conden- sation. The glass lens itself is scratch resistant and resistant against cleaning agents — without making any compromises.

With a switching frequency of up to 5,000 Hz, the PRK 18B  is far ahead of all previous devices. As a result, it can be used to quickly and reliably detect even small objects. With a response time of just 100 µs, the sensor is also considerably faster and more accurate at dynamic transport speeds. A jitter time of 32 µs opens entirely new possibilities in detection accuracy at static transport speeds.






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