Safe locking devices and switches

Profit from the diversity of our Safety Switches

All Safety Switches, Safety Locking Devices and Safety Command Devices from Leuze electronic feature contact sets for integration in control circuits up to category 4 and Performance Level PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. The same applies for the MC3x Magnetically Coded Sensor in combination with the MSI-MC310 Safety Relay (evaluation unit).

Safety Switches and Magnetically Coded Safety Systems can be used to monitor moveable guards such as safety guards or flaps, for example in the food, pharmaceutical or timber industries. Opening the guards triggers an E-Stop command.

The complete portfolio ranges from hinge switches to position switches to locking devices, command devices and coded magnetic systems. All in all, it's a safe bet that you'll find the right solution for your application in our product range.

Reliability in all positions

MC3x Magnetically Coded Sensors

  • Monitoring of moving guards on machineс with sufficiently short stopping times for demanding applications;
  • For dusty or humid environments ;
  • High-strength plastic housing;
  • Highly tamperproof;
  • Designs for many different types of applications;
  • PVC or PUR cable, M8 plug.

S20, S200 Safety Switches

These switches are predestined for guarding machines and systems in which process or production interruptions are possible or may be necessary.

  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic (S20) or metal (S200) housing – both with IP 67 protection rating;
  • Designed for normal duty (S20) and heavy duty applications (S200);
  • Easy mounting with standard housing dimensions.

Safety Hinge Switch S400

The S400 series Safety Hinge Switches are used for position monitoring of rotatable hard guards (e.g. protective hoods). The S400 Safety Hinge Switches unite Safety Switch and door hinge functions in one component.

  • Maximum protective device opening angle – 180°;
  • Compact, precisely rounded robust metal version construction – IP 67;
  • Encapsulated, internal actuator guarantees proper functioning – difficult conditions included;
  • Extremely manipulation-safe with hidden connections;
  • Cable or M12 connection.

Safety Position Switch S300

The S300 Safety Position Switch’s design also allows it to be mounted as an alternative to Hinge Switches, for example on flaps – always requiring appropriate actuation tappets or notches that can actuate the switch when friction closed.

  • Metal housing for "heavy duty" applications;
  • Switching direction selectable;
  • Stable lever fixing in 10° increment;
  • Variants with tappet and spool actuator; extremely long-life and robust.

E-STOP Rope Switch ERS200

The ERS200 E-STOP Rope Switch is a Safety Command Device in accordance with EN 60947-5-5, and the first choice for use with expansive points of operation. The E-STOP function may not be used here as a substitute for protective devices or other safety functions. Rope pull guarantees easy reaching and activation all along the point of operation.

  • Pulling the rope or rope fracture safely stops the machine;
  • Easy alignment with switching point indicator;
  • Easy integration with 3 cable approach directions;
  • Compact metal housing – IP 67;
  • Reset button with status display;
  • Тemperature compensation with greater rope lengths.

Safety Interlocking Devices for universal use

Safety Interlocking Devices keep protective doors locked and consequently prevent inadmissible personnel access until the secured machine no longer poses a danger. The access to the danger zone is only released by an electric signal when either the dangerous movement has stopped (personnel protection) or an uninterruptible work process has finished (machine protection).

Safety Interlocking Devices L10, L100, L200

  • Heavy duty access guarding on big machinery and systems in tough environments;
  • Emergency unlock function (ergonomically optimized panic button) for manually opening guards in emergencies;
  • Suitable for extreme mechanical loads;
  • Hardly any cabling effort with manual locking and unlocking (L10);
  • 6 different heavy duty actuators for the most diverse installation conditions;
  • Standard design L100 Safety Interlocking Device in variants with electro-magnetic or spring force locking and auxiliary unlocking function;
  • Auxiliary unlocking (with spring-force locking).
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