RFID systems

RFID – A technology which performs under even the most adverse conditions

The alternative to optical identification

An RFID system consists of a read/write unit, a transponder and the corre- sponding software. RFID offers one main advantage over all standard identifica- tion methods. Depending on the frequency, no direct “visual contact” between the read/write unit and the transponder is necessary in order to read information. Thus, these systems can be used reliably and easily under the most adverse environmental  conditions.

  • Poor visibility - The transponders are moved past the read station within range of the electrical field and the information is read out even when the view is obstructed.
  • Cold - The Leuze electronic RFID systems operate unimpaired at temperatures as low as –25 °C. RFID.
  • Wetness - Nearly without exception, our product line is protected against moisture according to IP 67 and, thus, always operates properly even when exposed to splashed water or wetness.
  • Heat - Leuze electronic RFID systems are designed for temperatures of up to max. 220 °C. Thus, the systems function properly even when subjected to extreme heat.
  • Soiling - Even in the case of badly soiled environments, e.g. with dust, varnish or other chemical substances, RFID functions without interference.
  • Process control - Flexible process control through data updates during processes.

RFID can do a lot – Leuze electronic RFID can do more!

With the Leuze electronic RFID systems, we were able to expand the possible application areas as well as reliably ensure their function even under the most difficult environmental conditions, such as when disturbing sources from metal arise. Thus, from the highly praised future technology has come a practical complement to existing identification systems.

Through our tried and tested technology and our extensive application know- how in the implementation of these systems, we are able to find a reliable solu- tion for nearly all difficult conditions.

With Leuze electronic RFID, the gray theory becomes an economically  attractive  practice

Leuze electronic RFID is already demonstrating its potential for a large number of customers in a wide range of applications. Our solutions are especially characterized by their suitability for practical applications and the possibility of flexible and uncomplicated integration in a broad array of network environments. Our engineers have already developed systems for meeting the demands of many different tasks and are, therefore, able to utilize wide-ranging application knowledge for optimally expanding your processes with RFID technology as well.

  • Conveyor and storage technology:
    – Pallet transportation systems;
    – Container transportation systems;
  • Special engineering:
    – Drying technology;
    – Paper-roll transportation systems;
  • Automotive engineering:;
    – Painting lines
    – Skid conveyor systems;
  • Packaging  technology.


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