Light curtains MLC

Universal, intelligent, robust

The MLC is the newest generation of extremely robust Safety Light Curtains with very small housings. The sturdy design of the sensors and the customized functions together create a solid foundation for stable, reliable system operation. The Basic, Standard and Extended function classes optimized for diverse applications can reliably fulfill all requirements,  from simple standard applications to special controlled guard- ing systems.

Always enough – never too much

The Basic version of both the MLC 500 and the MLC 300 series offers the most important basic functions for point of operation guarding, danger zone guarding as well as access guarding with hand and finger detection. The Standard version also features practical function extensions for improved performance. The Extended version of the MLC 500 series (MLC 530) with its five different operating modes does not leave any- thing to be desired.

Highly efficient guarding.The Basic and Standard devices

The Basic and Standard device models cost-efficiently cover the majority of typical guarding tasks – and this with simple handling and integration

  • Small and very sturdy housing design thanks to the front screen slightly set back in the device and reinforced side walls;
  • Prevention of mutual interference of the sensors thanks to selectable transmission channels and range reduction, if necessary;
  • Simple mounting with metal swivel mount (optional);
  • Universally applicable due to standard functions;
  • Basic functions such as automatic start/restart, start/ restart interlock (RES), contactor monitoring (EDM);
  • Optimal handling thanks to function selection without PC as well as LED and 7-segment display with integrated 3-zone alignment aid;
  • Short global lead time;
  • QR code on the sensor for quick service information.

Lots of extras for your individual requirements

If you need a safety sensor with additional control functions, the MLC 530 Extended version is the perfect choice

  • Device linkage: makes possible the installation of two- channel, contact-based safety circuits as well as the serial connection of multiple devices with safety-related switching outputs (OSSDs);
  • Muting: integrated function for timing controlled muting for the intended temporary bridging of the protective function, e.g. when transporting materials through the protective field;
  • Various scan modes: select SingleScan, DoubleScan or MaxiScan to adjust availability;
  • Teaching without PC: parameterizing and teaching, e.g. of floating beam blanking, is quick and easy;
  • Fixed or floating beam blanking, reduced resolution: always necessary when objects must be located in the protective field for operational reasons.

Muting accessories

Naturally, you also have access to our muting accessories, for instance:

  • Device Columns
  • Muting Sensor Sets
  • Muting indicators
  • Display and control units
  • Connection  boxes
  • Cables


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