Safety laser scanner RSL 400


One device - two scanners

Еasy handling

Its large scanning angle of 270° is especially advantageous, for example, in the case of mounting on corners or edges for front and side guarding and can, depending on the application, replace a second laser scanner.

The operating range of 8.25 m, two independently adjustable configurations and two safety-related switching output pairs (OSSDs) allow two different protection tasks to be performed simultaneously with just one device. And to do so while fully satisfying ISO EN 13849 and the EU machinery directive.

Safeguarding of large areas and multiple areas with just one device


  • Staggered operating ranges from 3 to 8.25 m;
  • Various equipment variants with respect to functions, e.g., protective fields, OSSDs;
  • Additional, configurable I/Os;
  • Compact design;
  • Intelligent connection unit JJ Large clear-text display;
  • Integrated electronic spirit level;
  • Automatic creation of protective / warning   fields;
  • Two independent protective functions possible in one device;
  • Safeguarding of large areas thanks to a   scanning angle of 270° and operating range of up to 8.25 m;
  • 100 field pairs, 50 quads;
  • Additional control functions for adaptation to the application;
  • Two communication interfaces;
  • Robust against dust thanks to high scanning rate.

This safety laser scanner performs the work of two – powerfully and reliably

  • Two autonomous protective functions:
    The sensor offers two independent protective functions and thereby acts as two single laser scanners. You save yourself one device;
  • Two safety-related switching output pairs:
    The two OSSD pairs serve as the basis for performing two tasks simultaneously, i.e., monitoring two switch-off circuits or independent areas;
  • 1, 10, 10+10, 100 field pairs:
    The safety laser scanner offers an enormous number of possible field pairs (100). Nevertheless, it is easier than ever to set independent configurations with the application-oriented one-step configuration;
  • Two communication paths:
    Integrated network connectivity: the Ethernet TCP/IP interface makes possible simple and convenient configuration and diagnostics. Furthermore, the devices can be controlled and configured wirelessly via Bluetooth at distances of up to 10 m;
  • Many configurable I/Os:
    Up to nine configurable I/Os are used to link to additional safety sensors and also offer you additional control functions for individually adapting to the application or to your own requirements.

The RSL 400 family – the right solution for every application

The entire RSL 400 family comprises 16 device types in four staggered operating ranges and function variants. As a result, you can always select the best scanner at the best price performance ratio – if necessary, with a scanning area of 160 square meters thanks to a scanning angle of 270° and operating range of 8.25 meters. Whether mobile or stationary – the RSL 400 family covers all conceivable applications.

Select the device that best suits your needs. This allows you to invest in exactly the sensor technology that you actually need. In the event of a model change (e.g., for an upgrade), you also benefit from the full compatibility within the product family. Simply place the new safety laser scanner on the already-mounted connection unit – finished!

Safety at work in completely new dimensions

The safety laser scanners can be easily configured and quickly started up via Bluetooth and Ethernet TCP/IP. With nearly 100 selectable field pairs, the creation of independent configurations is easier than ever with the application-oriented one-step configuration.

  • One-step configuration: fast and direct. Can be changed later by simply adjusting individual parameters;
  • Simple change of the protective function through multi-configuration: no reconfiguration necessary when changing the operating mode;
  • Connect to the laser scanner via Bluetooth, Ethernet P2P or network;
  • Configure with just five mouse clicks;
  • Individual and project view of the safety laser scanners;
  • Information area with automatic, context-sensitive online help;
  • Modern, well-structured software available in nine languages for Microsoft Windows® 7/8;
  • With this software, you can easily and comfortably configure sensors. The parameters are depicted in an easy-to-understand and graphical form.

RSL 410/420 – the all-rounders for standard tasks

The "small, yet large" RSL 410-XL is ideally suited for the safeguarding of large areas thanks to its 160 m2 area coverage (scanning area).

Selectable resolutions and individual start-up behavior including contactor monitoring are needed here. The device offers all of this as well as reference boundary monitoring.



RSL 430 – ideal for stationary applications

Its 270° scanning angle, the 8.25 m operating range as well as two indepen-dent protective functions and OSSD pairs with individual response time make the RSL 430 interesting for this type of application – particularly as it can be precisely adapted to the safety tasks with its switchover-capablefield pairs (10+10). Nine signal outputs and the possibility for emergency-stop linkage round out the features of this safety laser scanner.



RSL 440 – with top-notch functions for mobile applications

Thanks to the four-field mode, 50 switchover-capable quads, the two OSSD pairs and nine configurable signal outputs, e.g., for status control (with / without load), the RSL 440 is ideally suited for mobile applications. Even with just two safety laser scanners, you achieve all-round protection with four independent protective functions. In addition to the large scanning range, the possibility for emergency-stop linkage and the configurable data output for supporting navigation are also advantageous. The internal time delay can be used to set STOP categories.



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