Laser systems AMS 300i

Laser distance measurement device AMS 300i

The top of the class convinces with maximum accuracy and a variety of integrated interfaces

Without compromise in regard to accuracy – “unlimited” in regard to interface selection

AMS 300i – leading in measuring dynamic, functionality and fi eldbus connectivity.

The AMS 300i is used wherever position data of moving system components, such as e.g. in high-bay warehouses are calculated. A unique selection of industrial Ethernet, supplemented with all well-known fieldbus interfaces, makes the AMS 300i a “global player”. Distances of up to 300 m are calculated by the use of the most modern signal processors with maximum accuracy in the ms grid. Borderline situations can be detected and indicated with the integrated, extensive functionality catalog.

  • Red light laser for easy alignment Efficient damping with spring and real-time position measurement elements for ensuring vibration;
  • Up to 300 m measurement distance, decoupled measurement data with millimeter accuracy for process-Wel accessible, compact connection exact positioning and optimal space field for al interfaces with standard utilization;
  • M12 industrial connectors;
  • Clear text display in 5 languages for international use;
  • Unique device with an absolute accuracy of ±2 mm to ±5 mm;
  • Integrated interfaces: RS232, RS422, RS485, InterBus, SSI, Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, EtherNet IP, CanOpen, EtherCat, Ethernet



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