Laser scanners ROD 4

ROD 4 и ROD 4 Plus

Increased vision for object detection and measurement.

Fast, precise, lightweight, and easy ROD 4 and ROD 4plus are laser distance sensors designed for contactless area scanning for object detection and measurement. Via a rotating mirror, a light beam generated by laser diodes is deflected and captures an area of 190° with a radius of up to 65 m. Up to 4 mutually independent detection fields can be defined and up to 8 detection field pairs can be stored in the sensor.


Maximum performance for the detection of objects.

ROD 4 is designed for object detection. With the Config-Plug configuration memory, even more efficient functions of the configuration software RODsoft, and excellent handling properties, ROD 4 is leading in its class.



ROD 4 Plus

The fastest area scanning laser distance sensor in its class.

ROD 4plus is designed in particular for the measurement technology. With integrated FAST Ethernet and decoupled data transmission and data acquisition, the ROD 4plus is the system with the fastest data transmission on the market. This offers definite performance advantages for measuring applications.



Application areas for ROD 4 and ROD 4 Plus

  • Position detection

  • Protrusion detection

  • Load monitoring

  • Fill level measurement

  • Access control

  • Object and volumedetection

  • Contour measurement

  • Manipulator control

  • Control of driverless transportation systems (DTS)


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