Laser scanner RS4

Safety Laser Scanner
The flexible multitalent for personnel protection and versatile measuring tasks

Safety Laser Scanner  ROTOSCAN RS4
Versatile use. Individual configuration. Easy integration

The ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanner can be seamlessly integrated into your processes. Any kind of protective field contours, variable resolution and individual configuration of all operating parameters make the ROTOSCAN RS4 a flexible safety building block, perfectly harmonized with your application.

  • 3 ranges;
  • 3 function packages;
  • 2 safety buses – and all completely compatible.

ROTOSCAN RS4 – a product family,  which you cannot pass!

Basic model for danger zone guarding

  • Certified in accordance with the latest international safety standards:
    Type 3 in acc. with EN IEC 61496-1/3, SIL 2 in acc. with EC 61508, PL d in acc.with EN ISO 13849;
  • Guarding all danger zones:
    70 mm and 150 mm resolution;
  • Four field pairs, protective and warning field –switchover during operation:
    2.15 m, 4 m and 6.25 m ranges with 70 mm resolution; monitoring area/scanning angle: 190°;
  • any kind of protective/warning field configurations;
  • Every shape or structure and various distances can be freely programmed;
  • Easy to install;
  • Low installation costs; ideal for use on mobile and stationary applications;
  • Compact design and economical operation;
  • Compact dimensions and low power consumption;
  • Open data interface: RS232 and RS422 with variable data rates for complex measuring and control tasks.

Function package   MotionMonitoring

for travel path guarding on mobile systems

  • Speed monitoring for the respective selected protective field;
  • Automatic correction, warning and maximum speed monitoring;
  • Convenient and efficient protective field design;
  • Automatic calculation of rectangular protective fields for transfer trolleys and verification of the calculated protective fields by the Safety Laser Scanner;
  • Robust measuring technology for efficient operation and process stability;
  • Speed measurement including output data and reliable distance measurements, which cannot be disturbed by people passing by.

With the easy to use RS4soft configuration and diagnostics software you can just graphically adjust all device parameters and the protective field contours to both local conditions and the required safety distances. You can therefore set up various protective fields for a production process, which are then activated process-related – as easy as winking.

Configuration with a few clicks, diagnostics so easy

The flexible usage options of the ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety  Laser Scanners are provided by inteligent software that provides the user optimum operating comfort. All Laser device Scanner parameter data and characteristics can be specified and clearly visualized via the RS4soft configuration and diagnostics software.

You can very conveniently adjust the configuration of your ROTOSCAN RS4 to your special requirements and the conditions of the machine or system using the self-explanatory dialog boxes.

  • User guide per wizard;
  • Clear menu structure for individual configurations;
  • Existing fields modified with a few clicks;
  • Easy definition of the field pair switchover sequence per matrix;
  • Flexible definition of Laser Scanner starting and operation behavior;
  • Automatic display optimization of measured contours;
  • Runs under Microsoft Windows® NT, 2000 and XP.

The multitalent, that adjusts to your applications and requirements

The ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanner reliably detects body, leg, arm and hand. In diverse applications with just one single RS4 you can monitor both complex and alternating safety areas – flexibly and completely. There are practically no space, power supply or flexibility restrictions here. And you can also choose how you want to install the ROTOSCAN RS4. From its installation position the Laser Scanner guards your systems and machines over a wide and configurable area. Whether stationary or mobile, this light and low consumption device is the perfect choice for so many uses:

  • Guarding danger zones on conveyor belts with individual and alternating protective fields;
  • Guarding danger zones in expansive machinery systems for complete safety – even at points that are not visible.

Proven in diverse applications – time and again

Danger zone, point of operation and access guarding: ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanners can be used effectively and flexibly in every area of personnel protection. With its switchover field pairs, protective and warning field combination, and the freely configurable and individual structure of these fields the ROTOSCAN RS4 can be universally adapted to your system and the respective task. Stationary and mobile systems can be optimally monitored with the numerous configurable operating parameters, and therefore guarantee reliable personnel safety in every situation. The ROTOSCAN RS4 also performs numerous other measuring tasks for controlling your production or transport processes.




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