Inductive Switches

Inductive sensors – reliable detection of metallic parts

With our extensive product range we can meet the growing demands for inductive sensors in a very wide range of industrial sectors and the increasing wish for complete sensor solutions. From small cylindrical constructions for confined installation situations, e.g. in mounting or handling automation and robotics, to sturdy all-metal designs up to M30 for tough metal and woodwork- ing machines right up to V4A stainless steel variants which excel in the food- stuffs or pharmaceuticals industry with IP69K and ECOLAB certification, we offer a huge variety of professional and high-quality solutions. A vast array of constructions, short response times and long operating ranges make our inductive sensors the right solutions for practically all fields of application in industrial automation. Together with our full product range, we can offer an optimally matched complete sensor program from a single source.

User friendly

  • Optical indicators visible from all sides for simple status monitoring;
  • Standardized M8 / M12 connection technology for quick and fault-free commissioning.

Sturdy and powerful

  • Standard metal housing for the highest demands in machine engineering;
  • All-metal stainless steel housings withstand even extreme loads;
  • Scanning ranges up to 40 mm solve even the toughest tasks.


  • DC PNP or NPN outputs offer compatibility with a wide variety of control systems;
  • NC or NO function for a broad spectrum of applications;
  • Connection via M8 or M12 connector or cable.

Universal application - Sensor field which can be oriented in five directions solves a large array of detection tasks


The miniature constructions - IS 204, IS 205, IS 206

  • Тhe very small sensors can be integrated into the smallest corner of the machines and thus save space and costs;
  • Large scanning ranges offer broad application flexibility and sufficient function reserves for reliable detection even of different metals;
  • Short response times during reliable detection in dynamic processes increase the machine productivity.

The standard sensors - IS 208, IS 212, IS 218, IS 230

  • Optimum sensor for every application thanks to closely graduated scanning ranges;
  • Huge variety of output circuits (PNP / NPN, NC / NO) and connections (connector, cable);
  • Short housing for use in confined spaces.

Sensors for large scanning ranges - IS 206, IS 208, IS 212, IS 218, IS 230

  • Large scanning ranges allow you to choose a smaller construction and thus save space and costs for the mechanical machine parts;
  • The sensor can be mounted at a greater distance from moving parts. This helps to avoid damage and ensures the machine availability;
  • The high sensitivity of the sensors makes them the inexpensive solution for special applications, e.g. for close-range detection of small parts.

Sensors for higher demands - IS 212, IS 218, IS 230

  • Sturdy all-metal housing for permanent operation without failures and hence high machine availability;
  • Housings of stainless steel 316L with protection class IP 69K have been developed specially for food & beverage applications and are thus resistant to the aggressive cleaning processes in the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and packaging industry;
  • Thanks to large scanning ranges on stainless steel objects, the sensors reliably detect all machine parts, e.g. on packaging machinery in the foodstuffs sector.

The smallest cubic sensors - IS 255, IS 288

  • The sensor field on the side makes space and hence cost-saving integration possible;
  • Short response times for reliable detection in dynamic processes to increase machine productivity.

Flat sensors - IS 240

  • The cubic construction permits simple mounting on the side;
  • Quick and easy installation and commissioning saves mounting times and guarantees the highest availability;
  • Wider scanning ranges offer high functional reliability;
  • Very clearly visible status display for reliable detection and commissioning even at long distances.

Compact and universal sensors  - IS 244 short, IS 244 terminal

  • Compact cubic constructions for space-saving integration;
  • Sensor field can be oriented in five directions for flexible mounting and simple machine construction;
  • Status displays visible from all sides for reliable detection and commissioning;
  • Inexpensive M12 standard connection saves time when using ready-made cables;
  • Large scanning range for reliable detection from a distance;
  • Sensor field can be oriented in five directions for flexible mounting;
  • Status displays visible from all sides for reliable detection and commissioning;
  • The terminal connection up to 2.5 mm2 allows a free choice of the cable used, depending on the respective application and the environmental conditions.



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