DeviceGateway is unit for gathering production information and do the gateway from the plant or factory to IoT services. You can use 150 connectivity by web browser easy configuration. It supports OPC UA, MQTT and more other IoT protocol, and realizes building an IoT system in a short time.

Key functions

1. Communication with devices
  Communicate with industrial equipment, healthcare device, home, office and building.
  DeviceGateway also has detecting position functionality. (Specific optional device is needed)

2. IoT communication
  Implemented servers of OPC UA and ECHONET Lite,
  and clients of MQTT, HTTP(S), SQL, FTP and AWS Kinesis, and HULFT IoT agent.

3. Supported cloud system
  Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, ANYSENCE, IBM Bluemix and more.
  We tested with many cloud services.

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