Data transmission photoelectric sensor with 100 Mbit/s real-time transmission

The data is carried by the light

In addition to 100 Mbit/s optical data transmission, the DDLS 500 also offers many other features making it simple and efficient to use


Optical data transceivers are the right choice for any application where data needs to be transmit- ted without cables and without interference. They enable contact-free and wear-free optical communication wherever mechanical systems are pushed to their technical limitations. Apart from their basic function — optical data transmission — the DDLS 500 devices offer additional functions that revolutionize and considerably simplify operation, start-up and diagnosis — that is SMARTER PRODUCT USABILITY like only Leuze electronic can offer.

Through the modular basic design, all functions can be flexibly arranged depending on requirements. Thus, the devices do exactly what is needed and thereby offer an optimum price/performance ratio. With real-time, 100 Mbit/s optical data transmission, all common Ethernet protocols can be transmitted without time delay over a distance of up to 200 m. The DDLS 500 thus supports, e.g., PROFINET, Ethernet IP, EtherCat, Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet UDP and many others.

All of the necessary functions can be combined modularly with the base model. For example, any of the following functions can be selected

  • Heating;
  • Distances;
  • Laser alignment aid;
  • Operating ranges.

Constant monitoring of the receiving level means that the user can be alerted to an impending  failure (e.g. as a result of excessive soiling) in good time. The prefailure message is also available as a signal on a switching output. To permit fast visual control, the DDLS 500 also has a LED display that is clearly visible even from a distance of 200 m. All relevant information is precisely depicted in the control panel.


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