Bar code system BPS 8/34/37

Bar code positioning systems 8 BPS, BPS 34/37

Innovations that propel you forward
Flexible, tolerant and precise to the millimeter LEUZE barcode positioning system

Whether systems run automatically in any case need a single to determine their respective position. In addition to measuring the mechanical sensors, optical methods very well podhoshtdat down the position because they can be used to determine the position without mechanical wear and slippage.
In comparison with the conventional techniques of optical measurements Leuze unique barcode positioning system is able to measure the position of the nearest mm, without the necessity of reference points. As a result, it is able to provide a unique value of the position at any time. With quite flexible and abrasion resistant tape barcode system without any problems can be used in systems with curves and deviations (guide tolerances). This is a length of 10,000 meters.

Our systems are primarily used to determine the position and positioning! Practical applications exist in a wide range of industries and areas.

  • Pulley lines
  • Аpparatus, automatic storage and handling facilities
  • Crane Systems
  • Machines for transfer
  • Elevators

With LEUZE BPS are always one step ahead!

With a unique product family barcode positioning systems Leuze is in convincing a number of advantages that are not consistent with other similar solutions.

The laser scans the barcode 3 at the same time and as a result is able to determine the position of the nearest mm. The wide range of reading makes determining the exact position possible even in case of a contaminated tape.
With a flexible range of reading system is also possible to overcome (jump) mechanical abnormalities.
Series 34 and 37 are adapted to simultaneously measure the position and velocity, and thus are also suitable for management tasks automation solutions.
The unique bar code labeling allows the system to be returned back to work without any problem even after a short power outage without the need to use a reference point.
Leuze brakod tape is pretty strong, very flexible thanks to its adhesive back can be easily integrated into your assembly mechanical system. It can easily fit both in vertical and in horizontal curves, thereby reliably preventing the equipment from possible problems vazproizyaodimi measurements at each point of the system to the nearest millimeter.


Through the visible red laser light information received in bar code is read by a bar code reader and transmitted to the government. Thus, a red head is always at least three scans the barcode within a fixed angle, and can thus determine the position to the nearest millimeter.

Positioning can mainly be presented in three steps:

Step 1 - Read the code on the bar code type
Step 2 - Determine the position of the read code in laser beam (laser beam)
Step 3 - The value of the specified position can with millimeter accuracy of the information on the number and position of the code.

Precise positioning is easy!

Our BPS8 - bar code positioning system is adequate to its simplest mechanical installation and connection via a standard M12 connector. This along with the option of using RS 232 and RS485 interfaces making system implementation into your system architecture very easy process. Further BPS 8 e also available with output in the front beam or reflective mirror.

Professionals in the complex task of positioning!
Leuze Electronic BPS 34/37

BPS 34 (with Profibus Interface) and BPS 37 (with SSI interface) positioning systems are employed where systems have complex requirements in the configuration, speed measurement and speed tie. In addition, there are optical and optional heating equipment allowing the use of the device, even if the temperature reaches a freezing point.

The next major component of the barcode positioning system is barcode ribbon. It was made to print a unique barcode UV- resistant equal (regular) intervals of extremely robust and very flexible adhesive plastic film. Position value is also printed on flat (smooth) text to simplify the work. This band which can be up to 10,000 meters can be easily prikepena to (travel path), and fits both the horizontal and vertical curves. If the tape is contaminated in any occasion appropriate repair kit (kit) can be downloaded from the Internet. Through the introduction of so-called markup tags in barcode bar code reader may also control specific functions, such as changes in speed or movement of the conveyor.


Leuze barcode positioning system has already proven in numerous applications where a landslide occurred due to its technological advantages and high reliability.

  • By supporting positioning system of elevators;
  • For positioning X - axis and Y- in visokostelazhni automatic apparatus, and lifting equipment or conveyor and storing technologies;
  • To determine the position of the skillet systems and side tracking skates in the automotive industry;
  • Тo determine the position of telferovite lines in the automotive industry;
  • Тo determine the position of the taps.


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