Bar code readers BCL 8

The BCL 8 series–Compact scanners for industrial applications.

Its advantages in detail

  • Compact constructions for more flexibility - The ultracompact dimensions of series 8 of only 48 x 38 x 15 mm enable installation even with confined space conditions such as in printers or packaging systems;
  • Large reading field for variable modulus sizes - Despite its compact outer form, the BCL 8 has an extremely high reading field with great  depth of field. This enables codes with a modulus size from 125 μm to 500 μm to be decoded by the scanner;
  • Software support for easy operation
       -The autoConfig function makes the knowledge of codes superfluous: The barcode label is simply held in front of the scanner, which automatically adjusts to the type of code to
    be read;
       -The autoReflAct function enables automatic triggering without an additional photoelectric sensor;
       -The BCL Config Tool software simplifies all configuration events of the barcode reader, even in extensive projects;
  • Sophisticated technology for fast integration - The well-known series 8 housing, the M12 connection technology, ready-made cables as well as the convenient configuration and/or programming enable fast implementation of the series during test, commissioning or during integration into standard production;
  • Comprehensive interfaces for unlimited networking - Numerous connector units from the MA 8 / MA 200i series are available for all well-known bus systems as a gateway. (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, Ethernet TCP / IP, Ethernet / IP, Ethercat or CANopen). Furthermore the integrated RS 232 interface for the point-to-point connec- tion can be switched to the integrated Daisy Chain;
  • High scanning rate for increased reliability - With its consistent 600 scans / s of the M-optics, the BCL 8 is ideally equipped, even for fast sequences. Hence it can verify the code e.g. by multiple reading, thus substantially contributing to a reliable application.

Industrial Execution

  • The M12 connectors as well as the cable outlets in interaction with the stable metal /glass housing and the protection class IP 67 enable use even in rough industrial environments.

Various optics models

  • The scanner is available with a front and lateral beam exit  as well as with two different optics. This enables the reading task to be carried out in very confined spaces, depending on requirements.

Integrated functions

  • The alignment mode helps with the assessment of your application, the laser line can be exactly limited to the reading task, multiple reads within the trigger control or continuous reading are individually adjustable;
  • The scanner can internally valuate the validity of codes with the reference code comparison function and provide the result in real time at the output. Time-consuming data transmission and processing in the host system are no longer required.


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