Bar code readers BCL 21 / 22

Bar Code Reader Series BCL 20 - A flexible reader for a variety of applications

The benchmark for flexibility

Whether as a single-line scanner for high-density codes, for example, in analysis automation, with raster optics for reading trays in intra-logistics applications or for inspecting industrial or printed products: the compact bar code readers of the BCL 20 series convince with their high level of flexibility and handling reliabili-ty in all areas.

The broad selection of optics also allows the scanners to be used in difficult installation situations and in a wide range of applications, both in networks as well as a standalone solution. Furthermore, the BCL 20 series convinces with its outstanding reading performance through the automatic adaptation of the receiver unit to the reading task on each scan. For an extended reading field, such as that of a bar code reader with focusing function, the new BCL 20 S B is availabe for higher resolution codes.

By means of simple online commands it is possible to set the reading task without knowledge of the code. The PC-based BCL-Config tool, which is avail- able for all Leuze bar code readers, is used to access the full function range.
Simple online commands make it possible to set the reading task without know- ledge of codes. The BCL Config tool, which can be used for the entire function range, is available for all bar code readers from Leuze electronic Connectivity. Connection to industrial or Ethernet-based networks is now done directly via our MA 200i modular interfacing units.

Universally usable - fast integration - simple to operate

The advantages of the bar code reader series BCL 20

  • Various optics models: Different models with front or lateral beam exit ena- ble optimum use of the installation space. Depending on the code alignment, single-line or raster scanners offer optimised reading capacity;
  • High, constant scanning rate up to 1000 scans/s: Considerable increase in   the reading reliability through multiple decoding of the read codes, even during fast processes;
  • Large depth of field and wide opening angle: High reading capacity with codes having line thicknesses as narrow as 150 μm facilitates front or lateral reading on your goods;
  • Integrated multiNet: Up to 31 scanners can be networked in Leuze electronic's own scanner network with minimal installation effort and, if desired, integrated via gateways to the fieldbus level or directly to the host;
  • Simple operation: With the aid of online commands such as AutoConfig, the scanner can be set optimally, even without knowledge of the code;
  • Easy configuration: The PC-based BCL-Config operating software for all Leuze bar code readers simplifies adjustments and direct communication with the scanner through graphical configuration;
  • Blue laser diodes with extended reading field without focus adjustment for higher resolution codes and optimized optics for glossy and cylindrical objects.


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