Multimedia OPC Alarm Management Software

AlarmWorX™32 Multimedia

AlarmWorX™32 Multimedia (MMX) is the industry’s most complete and comprehensive OPC-submissive Alarm Management application. AlarmWorX32 MMX is a distributed, enterprise-wide alarm notification system that delivers real-time alarm information to you wherever you may be. Choose from e-mail, pager, fax, voice, text-to-speech, phone, software and Ethernet hardware marquees and more.

AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Standard Edition

AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Standard Edition - Multimedia package that connects to any OPC Alarm and Events server. Comes with complete set-up Agents including Paging, SMS, E-mail, Fax, Popup, Marquee, Video, Phone, Skype (Voice over IP) and Sound.

AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Lite

AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Lite - All the power of AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Standard but with a limited set of agents. AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Lite comes with the following agents: Paging, SMS, E-mail, Popup and Marquee.

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