Customise your drive installation

Peripherals, installation and network options designed to complement the Optidrive range

Brake resistors

Brake resistors allow energy regenerated from the motor to be dissipated, allowing shorter stopping times to be achieved with high inertia loads. Invertek brake resistors are suitable for light duty loads, and can be mounted directly to the drive heatsink for a convenient, space saving installation method.

EMC Filters

EMC filters reduce the transfer of electromagnetic noise between the drive and mains power supply. All Optidrives are fitted as standard with an internal EMC filter, except where specified by the customer, and for most industrial applications, this will be sufficient. In the event that a higher level of filtering is desired or required, the external EMC filter can be added to either a drive which already has the internal EMC filter, or a drive without EMC filter. Best performance is achieved by using a filtered drive and the appropriate external EMC filter.

Input Chokes

Input chokes can be used to reduce the supply line harmonic currents and voltage distortion generated by almost all inverter drives on the market today. Invertek Drives have selected a range of chokes matched to the Optidrive range to provide the best reduction in supply current harmonics whilst also providing enhanced protection for the Optidrive against transient voltages ('spikes') or other mains borne interference.
Input chokes are available for the complete range of Optidrive products, and are recommended for use in all installations and in particular:

  • where the local mains supply quality may be poor or unknown;
  • where high current switching loads such as large DC drives or soft starts are operating;
  • where the mains supply impedance is low-in remote areas for example.

Communication Interfaces

A wide range of communication interfaces are available for all Optidrives. These can be stand-alone gateways, suitable for all Optidrives, which allow up to four drives (eight for Profibus) to be connected to a single gateway and controlled, or plug in modules for Optidrive P2 & HVAC allowing each drive to be directly connected to the network and providing enhanced functionality. Variety of modules to be usedProfibus Gateway, DeviceNET Gateway, Profibus DP Plug In Interface Module, DeviceNet Plug In Interface Module, EthernetIP Plug In Interface Module, Bacnet IP Plug in Interface, EtherCAT Module, Modbus TCP Module, Profinet IO Module.

Output Filters

Output filters should be used whenever long motor cables are fitted between the optidrive and the motor. The additional inductance helps balance the effect of the cable capacitance, and protect the motor against possible damage. 

Remote Keypads

Two types of remote mounting keypad are available for the Optidrive Range.

  • Optiport 2 is a low cost, LED keypad, which mimics the drive display and keypad function. Optiport provides access to all drive parameters (which can be locked if required to prevent unauthorised access).
    Optiport also provides a remote display of drive operating information, such as output frequency and current,
    and can also display user defined scaled values, e.g. conveyer speed in metres per minute.
  • Optipad- provides the same functions, whilst adding an OLED multi language text display. Up to three monitored values
    can be displayed simultaneously. All parameters are accessible, with the ability to lock access if required.

I/O Options

Where additional digital inputs and outputs are required, a range of plug in options are available to add additional Input and output connection points to the drive.

OPT-2-EXTIO provides an additional three digital inputs and one relay output

OPT-2-CASCD provides three relay outputs, suitable for applications such as multi pump cascade control

OPT-2-ENCOD is a plug in encoder feedback interface for Optidrive P2, allowing closed loop motor control. The interface is compatible with 5 volt TTL type encoders only, up to 4096 ppr.

Local Isolator

The mains Isolator option for Optidrive P2 & HVAC Frame Size 4 & 5 provides a convenient method to allow electrical isolation of the drive directly on the drive itself. This can be especially useful where equipment may require periodic maintenance. The isolator has the facility to be padlocked in the off position, to prevent accidental activation.


The Optistick facilitates real-time communication using Bluetooth technology between Optidrives and a PC running OptiTools Studio PC software.

RJ45 Accessories

RJ45 cables can be used to connect the drive to a wide range of networks. When using Modbus RTU, CANbus or BACNet MSTP serial networks, the splitters and RJ45 hub can be used to allow rapid connection of multiple drives to a common network, by simply plugging together the required number of cables and splitters and connecting the drives.

USB PC Connection Kit

The USB PC Connection Kit is an isolated USB to RS485 communications adaptor designed for use with OptTools Studio.