'New generation safety device'


With the introduction of the new standard for machine safety in May 2015 safety measures will be tighten, in order to increase them. All sensors of type 2 will now meet the PL C,  not PL D. This means that all users using type 2 sensors have to change them with sensors of type 4. Leuze electronic has decided to anticipate these events as produce a new sensor, which will be released in April 2015. Thus, the company will give time to their customers to renew their sensors.

The new sensor for machine safety is from Series 46C and it is Single beam safety device.


  • A large range of mounting brackets and accessories;
  • Easy integration via M12 connector or cable;
  • Seamless exchange of 46B sensors ;
  • Brightvision technology;
  • Visible LED light for quick status of the sensor;
  • Protection IP 67 / IP 69K;
  • Level of Safety - Type 2 or Type 4;
  • Operation range - 40 meters or 70 meters;
  • Compact sizes;
  • Temperature range of -30C to 60C;
  • Response Time - 2,5ms;
  • Option with infrared or visible red light;
  • Second output for diagnostics.

A type 4 certification is always valid for the complete system / AOPD (SLS + safety relay) Our certificate covers only the specific combination of SLS 46C + MSI-TRM ! It is possible to make a connection of up to 6 SLS transmitter/receiver pairs.

The system is suitable for industries such as intralogistikcs, packaging, printing, wood and others.