About us


ATICS Ltd. was founded in 2004. The company offers high-tech products for industrial automation.

Atics is exclusive distributor of innovative equipment and software of following companies:

VIPA - automation technology and control solutions:„„
- Programmable logical controllers hardware and software compatible with SIEMENS SIMATIC controllers;
- Central processors VIPA SPEED7, some of the fastest processors in the world programmable with SIEMENS STEP 7;
- SLIO CPU - innovative PLC from new generation.
- Industrial operator panels;
- Modules and components for SIEMENS SIMATIC S5 controllers;
- Programming software;

LEUZE ELECTRONIC - leader in the laser technology products:„„
- Detect - photoelectric sensors;
- Identify - automatic identification systems, optical data transmission systems and distance measuring technology;
- Protect - machine safety devices.

ICONICS - world leader in SCADA systems and Web oriented „„decisions for Business Intelligence (BI):
- GENESIS 64 - new generation in the visualization software, HMI and SCADA;
- Energy AnalytiX - Аdd on to GEN64 for energy monitoring, analysis and management systems (EMS); Archive, visualization and analysis of real time data of produced/consumed energy, water, gas, and carbon foot print;
- BizViz - Powerful program package for information control and visualization of the business processes of a specific company;
- MobileHMI - mobile solution for your SCADA.


WACHENDORFF AUTOMATION - absolute and incremental „„encoders and systems.

LAUMAS ELETTRONICA - modern profibus/profinet tensometric „„sensors and modules.

We offer technical advice in the selection of system solutions for specific customer requirements in the field of industrial automation.